Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rajasekhar Reddy Defending Himself-Devil's Advocate: YSR Reddy


rakesh said...

It seems to be the national media (the hindu and others)believes the eenadu news. They are not aware of
AP regional media. Its very known fact that eenadu is nothing but TDP Private news paper.

OR due some reasons media targetting Congress pary.

I would like to say one thing Ramoji is defending himself against his crime regarding Margadarshi scam by wearing media mask.

In the past there were news published in Enadu against AP apcob co-oper. bank which in results about 500 cr loss to the customers. Later, Public and Goverment came to know that the news were false. The eenadu mgmt did this to redirect the customers to Margadarshi. The enquiry commision reveal all these things and recommended to file a case against Ramoji's Enadu paper but chandrababu intentionally ignored that(By that time he was the CM).

From all thes incidents Indian media especially eenadu is interested in seeing TDP governemt in AP and their business under the mask of media.

For example if chandrababu does public urination then enadu paper publishes that this is for God and Public sake and at the same time any other especially congress men do the same thing then immediately Enadu paper publishes that as severe crime.

Prasad Chowdary

Anonymous said...

Exactly YSR protecting himself

Srinivas Chowdary

Anonymous said...

Y.S.R is only the person, who hand over the land to poor people.

Does Chandrababu not have Binaami Lands...?? Did he hand over those lands to Poor pleople..????

anuvinu said...

Where is the main post?

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